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Intimate Weddings

If you’re reading about weddings at Engalin you’re clearly looking for something a little out of the ordinary - and for that we salute you! Whether you come with your wedding blueprint already complete or would like us to help you think-tank possibilities, we would love to help you achieve your dreams. Whether you have left things to the last minute or you prefer to take your time, Engalin is a flexible stage on which to design bespoke, intimate and long-lasting memories. We comfortably welcome up to 100 guests, sleeping 22 in luxury accommodation - with in-house catering from our professional kitchen.

The owner and creative mastermind behind Engalin, Marwan Badran - and his team - will be on hand to help you all through the planning and right up to and during the event itself.  Marwan, former chef/patron of restaurants in London and Gascony, brings a warmth and vision to the proceedings with his party planning expertise and keen eye for design and style. Feel free to reach out with all questions, (we answer in English, French, broken Spanish, semi-fluent Arabic, and just about passable Italian and German). 



Gascony Escapes


Gascony Escapes

What might begin as a long weekend at Chateau Engalin could easily turn into an inspiring week or more as we help you explore the region and beyond. Situated in the south west corner of France we are surrounded by the cultural treasures of Gascony - newly renamed Occitanie . With our passion and expertise in food and art we delight in organising tours to many local places of interest, from nearby food markets and festivals to rarely-visited artist communes and studios.
Visit the regional ‘labs’ of excellence for French Armagnac, discover the original home of the Noir de Bigorre pigs and taste their incredible ham, enjoy a therapeutic garlic concoction at one of the many garlic festivals. Journey on an exclusive tour or a subversive Russian Art Factory in the foothills of the Pyrenees. And to balance out all that sophisticated eating, drinking and culture which not get physical by sailing or waterskiing on one of the several beautiful nearby lakes. Or take a horse-ride or walk along meditative pathways peppered with sunflowers and haystacks.



Food Lab


Food Lab & Workshops

Gastronomy is at the very heart of who we are, so why not join us for one of our events? Our experimental Food Workshops held at Easter and in August, allow guests to enjoy a three-day extravaganza of tasting, cooking, meditating and mingling. Chateau Engalin is a platform for togetherness based around food but drawing in many other cultural inspirations.

We do not stand on ceremony here. You will not find stuffy fine dining or formality. Rather, this is a place to find your vine leaves and fold dolma with our Iraqi chef or stuff and sculpt dumplings with our Chinese cookery expert. You can learn about nutrition and mindfulness with our wellbeing gurus, practice yoga in the mornings and learn the art of juicing by the poolside.

Here are a few more examples to whet your appetite:  Fusion cuisine with a risqué twist – Salvage cuisine & fermentation – Vegan cuisine with Latin vibes  – Nutritional workshops for mindfulness – A pastry queen with local and international edge.


Creative Corporate Adventures


creative corporate adventures 

Innovation and collaboration are key to strong business performance. Escape the daily tunnel vision and creative exhaustion  of your regular office environment and enjoy the luxury of design, space and silence, engineered for constructive conversation and strategic vision.

Opt for outdoor coaching, regenerative walks and talks, collective treasure hunts or just mingling around the pool. Break the ice with a dumpling workshop or let our musicians serenade you while you work. Our Grand Salon, with its home cinema, provides a glamorous, yet intimate stage for business presentations.

However you wish to spend your time away from your desk we can help you bring out the best in yourself and your teammates.



Parties & Celebrations


Parties & Celebrations

'Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself'  said someone, so why not have a big party instead?! We throw amazing parties for every kind of occasion. Let us help you design yours with boldness and joy. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or just because you can… let us be your conductor with an open mind for all types of festivity.

Whether it’s for a naughty 40th, an 60th or (our favourite) an Immortal 80th, we provide for the wild and the romantic alike. Giant bouquets of flowers, top DJs, fireworks and light food for long-lasting outdoor trance, Berlin Cabaret meets Trans Global, hipster-dandy picnics and 80/90s pop-kult karaoke,
as well as mellow ballrooms and long tables under the pergola - Godfather style. 

Chateau Engalin is a ’thank-God-I’m-a-VIP!' escape to freedom. It’s sound-proofed for miles around, open for midnight swims and afternoon high teas, and even provides Californian body tan. Just tell us what you want! 


Three Day Stay


Three Day Stay

We are happy to play a supporting role for other events taking place in the area. Whether you are attending a wedding nearby or a Jazz festival, or if you want to organise your own creative workshops, design think tank, bridge weekend, Yoga & Meditation retreat … anything is possible. Use us as a blank canvas and we will take care of your accommodation and all food & drink requirements. Contact us for a chat.